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The detected information is then affordable local seo services analyzed for the purposes of the research. Interviews To identify the different opinions on this widely debated topics and research to test his interviews. A total of people with an interview held. An attempt was made to the composition of the list of interviewees representative realize reflect on the issues that are central to this investigation, as well as related expertise perspectives and opinions. The list of interviewees is attached as Annex A attached to this synthesis. Case Studies To give the sometimes complex on bfi and shadow banking fours is a some worked examples. Specialist Institutions contributing local business seo packages an estimated to. billion per year to the Dutch economy in the form of taxes, labor and services purchased by business service providers. This approximately to, Fees involved.

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These case studies serve mainly to a practical image reader to give to the research results. Where the cases are about companies, has sought an interview with the relevant company hold. Not all companies have responded to this. Where an interview was held in the as part of a case study, the result is presented to the interview partners the opportunity to give feedback. The case studies are detailed in each of the sections report on bfi and shadow banking and annex added. The financial system is divided into traditional financial institutions banks, insurance companies and pension funds and other financial institutions.

To the public debate about bfi's in terms of tax evasion for more information provided, the streams have been identified who are going through Sees and which are focused on the presence of single tax and thus go against the spirit of the law. results for rate streams, depending on the perspective, an amount between. and. billion, or percent to percent of the total relevant flow rate. For royalty streams no exact calculations can be made. When the dividend calculation playing nuances and different perspectives are also possible.

Depending on this are the amounts between. and. billion, which equals percent to percent of the total dividend received amounts.. The debate in a nutshell The international debate around tax avoidance concerns the extent to which international demand businesses their fair share to contribute to the maintenance of public facilities. The international system of bilateral tax treaties, intended for double taxation prevent enterprises, as international trade and investment as possible, possibly leading to often pay little or no tax. The debate on this form of tax avoidance is conducted globally.

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A call from the G to tackle this international consultation was for the OECD led to an extensive report are necessary to effectively off to Bergen. New international agreements, the to mitigate potential base erosion. Governments have been forced in some way to tax to enter into competition with one another. On the one hand governments try to view more shift tax avoidance in foreign countries, on the other hand they try with an attractive tax regime economic benefits more jobs, more exports to win. There is a group of people international tax competition sees as beneficial. It holds governments sharply, both in their affordable local seo services taxation as their spending patterns.

There is a school that is just as undesirable sees. Tax competition may lead to erosion of taxation in seo local business developing countries, and possibly lead to an unfair sharing of the burden. There are two trends that tax competition have intensified. On the one hand the global trade and investment flows increased enormously over the last twenty years by the liberalization of world trade and the rise of the BRIC countries. The number and the size of international companies is thereby increased enormously. The Deposit outgoing financial flows bfi's were each approximately, billion in. The 'bfi not exist. On based on tax reasons related activities are bfi in this report divided into holding companies, finance companies, royalty companies and Spas.